Espousement by heart not for a reason!!!!

Adorning a marriage with love is like working with a minutely diminutive margin of error, so be vigilant  !!!!!!!!

Marriage  is a component of life – full of highs and lows but you know what?

These stages will edify us how to love each other unconditionally.

Isn’t that what Espousement is all about?

When a person decides to espouse – flood of questions come. To evade this flood, just ask few simple questions and flood gets vanishes.

Will you dote that person if he will lose his charm in the future? Will the love stay if he ceases doting you in a way he is doing now? Would you be able to dote him in his senescence when he comports like a kid or weird sometimes?

Believe me these are very simple questions but fact of espousement lies in these questions. So, be veracious with your life while answering.

Marriage is a promise to never give up on each other in any worse condition.  Espousement is a not a contract between two lives, it’s a contact between two souls .  Without love, espousement is  just a ritual which two persons are following for some reasons.

We don’t have to espouse anyone for reason , we have to espouse by heart.  Because reasons may not worth one day and you commence finding reason to stay in marriage…

But If there is connection between two souls, they do not require any reason to love each other or stay in espousement. Everything seems so lavish and live always. 

Friends ! With this blog my intention is not hurt anyone emotions , I just want to express my opinion for marriage.

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