Keep Away from Biggest Disease- “Kya Kahenge Log”

सबसे बड़ा रोग, क्या कहेंगे लोग

Do you have this disease?

I don’t have.

If you have, than cure it quick else; it might lead you to extreme unhappiness.

Prescription for this disease is – Ignore.

Place to get the medicine – Your heart.

Cost of this medicine – Time, patience, efforts and courage.

Would you like to be successful?

In the event that yes, then read the story of any successful individual.

What is the difference b/w successful and failure?

Both are putting efforts to accomplish the objective.

At that point, why the success rate is lesser than the failure?

Answer is – क्या कहेंगे लोग

The Lion’ share of the populace dependably think about this line and redirect their concentration from the main  target.

Reveal to me one thing.

Who are the people (log)?

Society makes you or you make the general public?

We as a whole know, we are a part of society.

At that point, why we are not considering ourself, our future, and our joy?

The person who cares about people wordings, hardly achieve success.Thus, take charge of your success and focus on achieving the same.

Need to know how?

Basically inform yourself about your interest, the brain naturally begins giving you direction to accomplish the same.

Recall your childhood days – When we have to eat chocolates or want to bunk from school, we came up with senseless excuses to fulfill our desires.

That is the reason of real happiness in childhood.

The most joyful part of our life is childhood.

I concur; some cases it is difficult to pick the way.

However, we have to achieve happiness for a long time.

We have numerous circumstances where we are applying this hypothesis of सबसे बड़ा रोग while making choice.

But, I will talk about the two most critical circumstances where we are taking the mistaken choice.

Most, most and most essential choice of one’s life.

The choice is extremely pivotal in light of the fact that whatever bearing we will pick now, we need to stroll on this for the entire life.

Here, I will request that you review the most well-known line.

Life gives you two directions, one seems to be easy, it will pull in you to stroll on.Furthermore, alternate accompanies obstacles and keeps you far from strolling.

The individual, who picks the most effortless approach to fathom the present issue, will get the temporary relief and the person who picks the hardest, possibly he will confront the inconveniences at first, yet he will be glad for the entire life.

So, before choosing career and life partner, ask few inquiries from yourself and afterward settle on the choice.It is difficult to change your choice later.

Career – Choose which you can love.

We are choosing our profession, as indicated by parent’s decision, relatives’ perspectives and less populace posing the question of their enthusiasm to study or work.

Career is equals to hobby because if you are not interested, then you won’t have the capacity to work cheerfully for the rest of your life.

Following a couple of years, when you are develop or contrast others and you, you will be discouraged. The mistaken purpose for picking the profession is the reason of low achievement rate. In the event that everybody picks the work of their enthusiasm, then he will perform grandly. No one can stop you in making progress.

Everybody has an interesting ability, simply need to discover. What ability?

What’s more, stroll toward the path to make that progress which makes you glad for the entire life.

I figure everybody viewed the movie 3 idiots.

If not, then you should watch.

Keep in mind, on the off-chance that you will pick the inaccurate way now, you will be cheerful for quite a while, couple of years yet not the entire life.

In this way, settle on the choice that you won’t regret in the later time of life.

Listen your heart voice before taking decisions related to your life and the mind meant to deal with calculations not emotions.

Ask Few questions before making career choice.

Marriage – Relationship not a business deal.

I have seen people are getting married as a result of unimportant reason.

A few reasons – parents force, society issue, partner is rich and looking great, and blah blah.

Tell me one thing.

Is marriage a business deal and we are signing a contract on the terms and conditions?

Look Folks!! Marriage is a beautiful connection between two souls.

Why are we spreading the soil in the relationship?

Why divorce rate is getting higher step by step?

All on account of wrong reasons of marriage.

I don’t get it. Why do you need any reason to get married?

Acknowledge, what will happen if the reason does not exist in the future?

Will you get divorced?

Try not to play with you, your accomplice and eventually life of two families.

Scene 1: 

I have seen individuals loving somebody and getting married to others due to guardians and society.

Let me know honestly – Why did you get involved in such a relationship, if you don’t have guts to strict with your decision?


You said – You adore somebody and getting hitched with parent’s decision. It could be the worst decision of your life. And, what about that person you love?

You are concerned about parents, society.

Did your parents or society permit you to involve in a love relationship?

If not, then why did you love somebody?

Just to let the person leave one day to deal with the unhappiness for the whole life.

Anyway, that is the debatable topic. Better to discuss separately in future blog.

However, if you are making the decision to sacrifice your love, then please ask few questions with yourself.

People! I know you are picking the most effortless approach to get help from every present strain.

Yet, shouldn’t something be said about future joy?

Govt. has given us right to choose the prime minister, yet we don’t have the right to choose our  life partner.

Try not to be coward. It is your life and you are the best player to play magnificently.

Scene 2: 

I am getting older day by day, so I am getting married. Else, What will society remark?

What do you mean by getting older? 

Does age is the sufficient reason for marriage? I don’t think so.

Simply ask yourself. Are you mature enough to take the responsibility come along with marriage?

On the off-chance that yes, then wed.

Else, first set yourself up to get into marriage.

You have to live the whole life with the partner not the society. Your society will not make you happy in the event that you take the wrong choice at this point.

Scene 3 :

A boy is rich and smart, so getting married. Else, what will parents and society say that I have rejected the meriting hopeful?

Is it true that you are wedding with a man or marking a business contract?

You are finding a life partner not an employee for your organization.

Have you ever heard this line- Paisa ka kya hai , aj hai kal nahi.

Along these lines, don’t state boy is rich.

Rather, judge whether a boy is fit for making you cheerful in all circumstances.

Friends, there are so many off base reasons, yet I have highlighted a couple.

Be that as it may, my request with everybody to please ask above questions identified with your future life before taking any critical choice.

It is your life. One off base decision can make you unhappy for the entire life.

Also, one right and solid stride can make you glad for the whole life, might be not presently but rather yes will be in future.

I trust have cleared the significance of blog heading, so be careful no one has this disease, else it will destroy you.

Keep in mind Allopathic pharmaceutical give you moment help , however homeopathy cures you from the root and give you changeless alleviation .

I would love to hear your suggestions.♥

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