Love Is An Incomplete Word !!

Love is not sacrifice, It’s your choice to sacrifice your love. 

Love is started diminishing in today’s generation. In present era – love becomes conditional in terms of likes , dislikes , habits , nature, spending time with each other and so on . Youngsters easily say – I love you to maintain their fashion or status but honestly these three words are the acme of love which means everything in the world.

Love is such an unconditional feeling which does not even need the presence of that person to touch their heart.

When two souls amplifies their true feelings towards each other, they can’t be parted from the heart till the last breath.

When we love someone- We always wanted to be with them no matter in the world or in the memories.

You know what love is the crux of every relationship but in itself it’s an incomplete word as it’s comprises of 2 and half hindi alphabet.

We can complete this word love by giving relation to our love.

My Request – If you really love someone and thinks you can live with them in any situation without asking anything in return then please complete this word by turning into good relation.

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Harendra Shrivastav

After so many times I have found something very nice. Thanks to describe love in such a beautiful way.. love to read..


I really like the way u describe ‘love’…and its sooo amazing to read this……