Music –Feeling the Stress

The Best Synonym of Music is Friends 

Unlike Friends, music also depends on your mood .  Our life will be empty without music and friends We are surrounded by couple of friends with different nature but we prefer to talk the one who suits the situation and give us a comfort zone. In the same way, we listen the music to make yourself happy and comfort.

When we are in a mood to celebrate, then we prefer loud music with lot of beats and sound . On the other hand , In a sad time c’oz of any reason ( the most common reasons are  –breakup , divorce , Job Loss , Identity Loss ) our choice of music switch from loud to soft ,sad music and that time we generally prefer to talk with those friends who fathom our feeling and helping in heeling .

I don’t know what the crux behind the spawning of the mood swings but its fact which we cannot control.

It’s such an aesthetic forte of a music that its handles our fickle and cures it miraculously..

I Love All Kind of Music – Think About Your  Choice of Music ?

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