Sach hai ke dil to dukha hai….

here is dependably a story behind a “Smiling Face”

My unequaled most loved lines, yet don’t know why?

Today Morning, I was walking on the road and saw a young girl remaining on the roadside with tears in her eyes. Being human, I chose to talk.

The events are fairly hazy, however despite everything I shiver when the scene of the effect replays in my brain.

Conversation between Stranger Girl and Me. 

Me – Hey, What happen? Why you are crying? Do you require any assistance?

Girl – I am fine and happy, in fact the happiest person.

Me – Tell me! May be I can help you. If not, at any rate you will get an emotional support for some time.

Girl – Never approach an emotional support for a sometime. Few minutes’ support can make cry for the entire life.

Me – Okies. But, reveal to me the motivation behind, why are you crying?. I can’t see anybody in tears.

See, I am a blogger and have perused bunches of reasons individual cries for.

Girl – I am not pitiful. I am crying because I am glad. However, I got the thing I was sitting tight for since long which I didn’t hope to work out as expected. I am scared of happiness. I generally smile a lot, yet terrified of happiness.

At whatever point I feel miserable – I impart my emotions to my great companion, TEARS.

Today I am happy – And I am offering my happiness to my companion , tears. After quite a while, I am extremely happy. How can I forget my friend in my happy time?

Me –Are you mad? You are crying since you are upbeat !

Girl – Tears can be about happiness and bitterness.

Me – May I ask you the reason for your happiness.

Girl – Sorry! Something can never be imparted to anybody.

Me– As you wish. Will you clarify me somewhat about you?

Girl – Yes. There is dependably a story behind each smiley face. We must be mature enough to judge the distinction amongst genuine and fake grin.

Me – Nice, yet at least quit crying.

Girl – Well! I failed to control my tears in my pitiful circumstances. How might I control now?

Truth be told, I would prefer not to control. They have a privilege to turn out to see this present reality. In any case, It is demonstrating that I am still alive.

Me – I have never got the reason of somebody tears as joy.

GirlTears and Smile. Both are my great companions.

A smile  helps me keep everybody cheerful in the group by presenting fake myself. Tears come in my depression to make me agreeable.

Me – You are distinctive. I should state –

Dil to dukha hai, aj nahi to kal but dil to dukha hai……

Girl – Let me tell you one thing-

Sach hai ke dil toh dukha hai,

humne magar socha hai,

dil ko hai gam kyon,

aankh hai nam kyon,

hona hi tha jo hua hai….

Me – Nice meeting you, yet I need to scramble for office. Getting late. I trust you wouldn’t mind..

(By this, I got emotional, but due to shortage of time have to rush to the office).

Girl – It is alright. Thanks for the worry. Bye.

Me– Bye . Fare thee well.

You folks must be wondering why I have shared this discussion, even there is no story uncovered by the young lady. Actually, I like one line state by a young lady that Tears and grin both are her great companions.

Yes, with this line I felt so connected.

I heard lot many times that quit expecting things from others. Since we hurt because of the desire as it were.

I attempted by and by.

Unthinkable not to expect .

We can state that we are not expecting things, but rather really we can’t quit expecting uncommonly from the individual whom you cherish.

Simply Ask yourself and Truly says- Is it possible to not expect?

How you don’t anticipate from your cherished one?

Yes, yet one thing we can do that – controls the  feelings.

I agree you are hurt.What’s  Next?

I am stating this since I attempted.

You can control your emotions with the help of smile and tears both.

Both are the need of life. Tears does not make you weak if comes in loneliness, in fact they help to release your heart trouble.

You are the special case who can help you.

Help yourself !!!

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