She Says………. I wish……. I could……


I wish I could die along with me.

Fascinating line, isn’t it?

But, what does this mean?

Try not to stress you will find an answer before the finish of the blog.

Life and death, both are the reality of one’s life. We are putting our best to give the meaning to our lives.

Am I right?

But, have you ever thought about the end part of this movie?

I mean – You are the maker of your life, what sort of an end you need to be?

However, God has officially composed the Story with an end.

Despite the fact that, we need to play well, so can leave the best impact on the gathering of people for an unending time.

Isn’t that so?

It’s an intriguing thought, however barely have we thought about the end part, since we can’t stop or change the method for our passing.

Yes, agreed. Yet, at the same time we can kick the bucket by having no lament.

Let me give a try to this hypothetical situation.Pardon me if my answer strays from the question originally asked.

Imagine a scenario in which you will bite the dust this minute. What might be the topmost regret of your life?

This question I have asked with various individuals and got these answers –

From the above answers –

“I wish I could pass on with me, myself. I wish I could give this a chance to happen.”

This is the most emotional and remarkable answer I have ever heard for the regret of passing on.

Allow me to share the short outline behind that answer which makes

me emotional and forces my tears to come out like a flood.

After this question.

She turned out to be quiet and smiles a bit…

However, I was not blind – I could see the torment in these lines. I could see the tears which she is not permitting to turning out. I could see the way she was posing the question with the God.

This answer truly touches my heart and I felt that loosing yourself is the saddest second thoughts of one’s life.

“Silence is the language and a question altogether, which should be addressed deliberately with an experience”

I sit noiselessly and examined every one’s responses and asking one question for what valid reason it happens.

I mean – Why individuals regret?

At that point, I understood that it was all due to the inaccurate assignment of task.

Yes – Incorrect assignment.

Heart and Mind – Two imperative player of one’s life.

I have seen individuals taking their professional decision with the heart and emotional with their mind.


Heart work is to manage with calculating portion of life. Mind work is to handle the emotional portion of life.

Just a matter of position.

Why you are changing the position.

If you shift the position somewhere you are doing a little wrong that may regret you in near future.

For instance- If I will request a doctor to make a website?

Will he be able to do perfectly?

However, he will complete the task of website, yet not in a way a web specialist can do.

Am I Right?

The similar implies in real life as well.

In this way, friends don’t weight your mind to do the heart’s work and the other way around Else, the result can be compromising for the rest of life.

Which you may not realize now, but rather yes, you will definitely realize one day with the regret.

In this way, to stay away from this.

Pick and assigned the work to mind and heart separately.

There will part of obstacles you may go over while doing this, yet at the same time the truth is the right person can only complete the work flawlessly.

No puzzle at all.

Lastly, please make a rundown of the things you needed to do and let them happen.

Thanks for everyone reading this, yet at the same time finishing on an extremely dismal note.

I ask for every one of you to kindly don’t let change yourself. Please carry on with your life in a KING style and kick the bucket as you were born.

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