The Miracle of Message

Who is My Best Friend ?

Sometimes – I feel pain is my best friend who never leaves me alone. But I was wrong. Silence is my best friend who helps me in taking good decision.

Today, Unexpressed feelings of resentment fighting in mind with my heart.

I am feeling leaning towards the acme of resentment. Though , I tried finding myself in words as writing always makes me happy but this time nothing works.  I completely lost my high hopes for personal recognition and feeling very depressed.

Suddenly, a notification pop up in my mobile – “Test from Sai baba” ( Having Sai baba app in phone). I ignored the notification multiple times as I was not in a stage to read any messages , especially related to God.

An hour later, again notification pop up – “The miracle man from Sai baba “. I did not want to read that message but I read that complete post of the Miracle Man and felt like turning the page to start a more serious chapter in life today.

Mysterious sounds echoing in my ear – I can see you’re tired; this is exactly what you need. Yes, the tiredness! Because when we are completely tired and have to nothing to lose, our strength goes up and mind starts working much faster than ever (Remember Example – our mind works much faster in the last few minutes of exam paper) .

I sit silently for few minutes and then my thoughts entice me towards the laptop by saying – Forget about your worries that don’t let you see things brighter.

Get up! It’s time to move on!

Hence, I decided to express my feelings immediately without wasting my single moment of precious time haphazardly. My mind start running on several parallel thoughts which motivates me to write positively in a depressed mood.

Sometimes, Silence works like magic and helps to motivate yourself in a positive way. Hopefully, I have mapped out my day in great by expressing my feeling in words.

Returning to positivity might not be an easy adjustment today but it’s possible for a person who likes challenging and tough things !!!  I tried and it works.

Give a try in times of need. 

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