Why not Wealth is health?

Health is Wealth!

Wouldn’t you think? We as a whole forgot this line in our bustling life.

Health is Wealth, but what about turning around the sentence?

Why not Wealth is health?

All things considered, we as a whole are racing towards riches, then why we can’t make different expression – Wealth is Health?

Peculiar! But it’s viable.

Recall a day when you were not feeling great or maybe having fever or cerebral pain; would you ready to deal with your work perfectly to earn the wealth?

If not, then why we are not thinking about well-being?

I mean-I know, we are having clamoring timetable and Life is going in the fast track.

But, if we are not healthy, then how we will compete with this world?

I know, its a simple to give any announcement, yet in reality it is extremely difficult to oversee slimming down and practicing all the time, particularly to working professionals?

Indeed, I don’t have time to exercise and not prefer to eat much healthy food, but rather still individuals have given me a name like Super Girl, power bank.

I am not saying – I am perfect! In fact, I am workaholic, an early and a night owl too.

However, Yes, I am overseeing myself to be active as I did in my childhood.

I need to impart those few tips by which you can keep yourself active and healthy in your clamoring timetable without going Gym.

Recall when you were in school,
how diverse was your way of life then your life today?

I heard ordinarily that don’t eat junk food, spicy food, and so on.

It is impractical imagination that no one is eating unhealthy food.

Wow!! Junk Food…

Did not we eat all those things in our childhood?

Yes, we did.

In any case, in our adolescence, if we’re taking calories, then we were blazing too as physical practice by playing in the play area, and so on.

Isn’t that so?

Gone are the days, we are not having much play area, truth be told, we are so much occupied in our office or work areas.

I think, we can’t change our way of life since it is demand of fashion.

However, one thing we can do.

We can just marginally adjust our way of life a tad bit.

Keep in mind – It is better to have something rather than nothing.

In this way, if we cannot workout, in any event we can work in a way that appears as though we are working out.

However, it is a slow process, yet no less than a positive proceeds with process as opposed to doing nothing.

Comparative Questions  In Childhood Today’s Life
Did we eat Fresh fruits & VEGETABLES? Hardly kids adore fruits and vegetables Most of the person says – Yes, they are eating.
Time spent on physical exercise Only playing in playground Below than average says Yes, going gym.
Average hours of sleep Mostly yes. Mostly says – Yes
Amount of water drunk Hardly , take water Mostly says – Yes, I am taking enough quantity of water.
Fast food eaten, Snacks eaten & Caffeine intake Kids are enamored  with fast  food Mostly say- No, we are not taking as it can affect health

Presently, we should do a speedy examination.

We are significantly much more health conscious now than in our childhood?

At that point, how we were more active, energetic in childhood and not currently?

For the most part individuals say – Stress.

Presently, we are having more responsibility, more anxiety and blah! Blah!

But, to be honest, these are only a reason.

As I would see it, now we are more able than the adolescence to do such upsetting errands. .

I think this is the common debatable topic without unlimited reasons. So, it’s ideal to not digress from the subject.

Am I Right?

Give me a chance to share couple of things which we can include in our way of life to make our-self sound.

Avoid or limit utilizing elevator / lifts 

Try to utilize stairs rather than the elevator and lifts wherever conceivable.

Try to use stairs always.

Avoid or limit utilization of transport for less than 1 Km distance

Try to walk instead of taking a vehicle. This will barely take 10-15 minutes, however can save your gym and transport money. On top of that, it helps in burning a little calorie.

For instance – You can keep away from transport while heading off to the workplace, coming back to home, going for the shopping, which is under 1 Km, and so forth.

Note: If you can’t do consistently, in any event you can do on interchange days.

Avoid transport whenever possible.

Post every meal whether its lunch or dinner

Don’t sit soon after feast. Simply take a walk for no less than 1 minute post each feast, then you can back to your standard work.

Take a walk post every meal

Drink Water

It is vital for everybody to drink enough water. At least, great than taking any standard pharmaceutical in later ages.

Walk and Talk

Gone are the days, individuals are occupied in talking over the phone. On a normal, they are investing approx 30 minutes energy in talking over telephone – Why don’t you utilize this time as a work out.

That is to say, if a bustling timetable isn’t permitting you regular time to exercise, then you can walk while conversing over the phone in this bustling time as a type of walking activity.

Convert you’re talking time into exercise.

I hope, this blog will be useful for everyone. However, I will appreciate if you take out a little time for your health.

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